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Our Manifesto

Let's make sound a core lifestyle choice.


This is the movement that values sound as a lifestyle choice to endeavour to rebuild more accessible sonic communities, strengthen resilience and support longevity.

Here you can scroll through our key actions, our movement and our commitments to the deep listening revolution. 

Our Key 


auditing the use and application of sound in real and digital spaces



working with the independent music community, universities and technology companies to create residencies and discovery sessions to help realise simple workflows that effectively monetise environments for artists



feeling the fear of making something in a private and putting it to the public using technology to build a global audience



building local teams, training our selves to use available technology to reduce carbon footprint, increase accessibility, avoid cancelling events and embrace new technologies



creating nose to long-tail propositions bringing creation and playback closer together than ever before

Our Movement

​We value our sonic communities.

We take people on sonic journeys.

We value the creator and we respect quality assurance for those using and listening to sound.

We build relatable and inspiring environments.

We act local and with technology we deliver global.

We teach people how sound and music can be as much a lifestyle choice as other sustainable choices.

We encourage people to create sonic living wills.

We create sound accessibility certification.

We create recommended sonic spaces that deliver the needs of a wider community of consumers.

We learn, train ourselves and adapt ourselves to new innovations.

We help people to make a space for dynamic listening recognising the diversity of hearing ability.

We ensure that the impact of sound frequencies on listeners are better understood and promote the positive impact of sound on individual listeners.

Accessibility to a wider community is integral to future proofing business and we must always involve wider communities and marginalised groups

Our Commitments


spatial sound workflows



a best practice network of sound producers supporting new immersive work flows



income for sound creators and engineers by project managing immersive interactions which value the criteria of sound



visual producers to work with sound in order to generate new public works



any skill deficit and feed back to relevant academies and business networks


new job opportunities for young people working in sound and vision



make quality approaches spatial sound accessible to everyone regardless of age or background

Join the Deep Listening Revolution

We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities and love working with like-minds. 

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